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Serving you and your family
We know how busy you are, this is why we are committed to helping our customers better understand their medications and how to use them. Edmonton Drugs offers a wide variety of services to ensure we are always providing quality services.

Insurance Claim Processing

Electronic claim submission to your third party pay or coordination with insurance companies for coverage for medical supplies and equipment

Compliance Packaging Available

To assist patients with self administration and managing a large number of medications and to improve adherence.

Consultation Services

Professional opinion and advice on your health condition, medications, vaccines and lifestyle modification.

Diabetic Supplies

All the supplies you need to monitor and record your blood sugar are available at our pharmacy. Plus, free blood sugar testing at the pharmacy at any time.

Home Care Supplies

If we don't have it, we can always order it for you. Supplies required for your independence, health and wellness needs can be ordered for you.

Free Prescription Delivery

In order to assist you better, we offer free delivery across the city to your home, work place or long–term care facility.

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best advise and services when it comes to prescriptions and medications. Our convenience and services will exceed the expectations of our customers.
Hours of Operations
Monday - Friday 9 Am -8:30 PM
Sat-Sun 11 AM -6 Pm
Closed on statutory holiday

Licensee: Yazi Alalo - License # 15590

On the request of a patient, the licensee is required to provide the name and the practice permit number of any regulated member who provides a pharmacy service to the patient or who engages in the practice of pharmacy with respect to a patient)

Quality Management

Taking care of your entire family health deserves the highest Quality Management and attention to details. Our team, is always learning and adapting to the changes happening in healthcare in order to provide you and your family with the best advise and options. Your health is our priority.

Medical Review

Medical information gathering, systematic review, identification of drug therapy problems, communicating with other health care professional and follow ups according to our patents needs


Our team is always working towards maintaining an open, honest and direct communication with our clients. Treating everyone with respect and honesty while respecting their privacy is the standards we always thrive to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me to fill a prescription at the pharmacy?
If this is your first time filling a prescription at our pharmacy, we will need: Your name, address, phone number, and birth date. If you have an Alberta Health card, we will need that number and if you are a student and covered under the Student Health Plan, we will also need your student ID number. If you have any other coverage through work or your parents, we will need this information.
Can I transfer my prescription from another pharmacy?
Yes, Just visit us at our pharmacy or phone us at 587-523-3003. We will need to know the name of the medication you want filled, as well as the name of the pharmacy where you last had the prescription filled, so we can contact the pharmacy.
Will Pharmacy ever contact my doctor?
Yes, we may need to contact your doctor to:
-Answer any concerns or questions about the prescription written
-Discuss possible drug allergies or interactions with other medications you are taking
-Consult with your doctor to find out whether an alternative medication may be appropriate for you.
Is my health information kept confidential?
Yes, all personal health information is always kept secure and confidential. If you would like to discuss sensitive health concerns with one of our pharmacists in private, please request to speak with us in our private counseling room, located in the pharmacy.
Who is a "prescribing pharmacist"?
A Prescribing Pharmacist is someone who has been granted privileges by the Alberta College of Pharmacists to write prescriptions for medications without you having to see a physician.
Is there any limitation on what type of medications a Prescribing Pharmacist can prescribe?
A pharmacist may not prescribe Narcotics, Controlled Drugs or Targeted Substances. A pharmacist also may not provide an interim supply, extend a prescription, make a therapeutic substitution or adapt a prescription where the original prescription bears a specific indication otherwise.
Is there any limitation on whom a Prescribing Pharmacist can not prescribe?
Yes, Prescribing Pharmacists:
Must not prescribe for themselves
Must not prescribe for animals
Should not prescribe for a family member or someone of a “close personal or emotional relationship” unless there is no alternative.

Online RX Refill

Now, you can request a refill for your prescription online!


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